Food is love. Food does not have to be fancy: like the best jazz it is good if it comes from a person who has mastered the basics, it is best when it flows from the passion of the spirit living in the moment. Our goal here is to provide the tools you need to be your best.

This food site transformed my own appreciationof food and cooking. I hope it can your's as well. Food is a way of life. Cooking is a gift we give that makes life pleasant for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our approach is unique. Instead of tossing recipes out, we try to start with some basic ideas that frame recipes. Food is a lot more than recipes. It is a lot more than ingredients. It is about visualizing the final dish in all its sensory glories - it fragrance, its warmth, its soothing texture, its sensual flavor - and figuring out how the recipe might help us reach that end. The magic of cooking lies in this imagination process. And a recipe comes to life as delicious food when it is lived in this way. Our goal is to help in that imaginative process.

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Coffee - It's not just for Breakfast Anymore

Morning without coffee is like really scratchy, annoying underwear. It is possible to tolerate it, but it is almost impossible to imagine why one ever would. Similarly, it is possible to imagine dinner without dessert and coffee, but it is like an unfinishe

I am a coffee lover. I have broad tastes in coffee. I drink whaterver crisp coffees I have on hand for breakfast; Columbian or Costa Rican or Kenyan. In the evening when I want something stronger it might be from Java, or Yemen, or Ethiopia, or Summatra that the coffee originates. I love Ethiopian Sidamo for its big, dark, round, powerfully earthy flavors. I love Costa Rican peaberry for its winey flavors, its notes of fruit and nuts, its crisp brightness.

I like some acidity and bitterness, especially in the morning. And because I drink my coffee with half and half bitternes and acidity are tempered. In fact, when I am served milk for my coffee at a good restaurant, I insist on cream or half and half.

The marriage of half and half and strong coffee is one made in heaven. Putting one percent milk in coffee is like painting the north side of the Empire State building with one can of spray paint. If you look carefully you might notice it is there. It might make you resent its presence: it surely will do nothing to improve what was originally there.

Here are a few promising places to look online for coffee.

Several of these will require membership to get coffee shipments. This is convenient for them, but not always for the customer. But those of us who are coffee addicts might sometimes be willing to deal with regular shipments in order to enjoy the merits of superior coffee.


Eat Well and Prosper !



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