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Steak and Kidney pie is a British Classic. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a perfect serving of this delicacy will dream of having more. Here are a few online recipes for Steak and Kidney Pie.

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Tips & Suggestions for Improvements

  1. Take care to observe instructions for preparation of the kidney - removing the tubes and membrane, and soaking.
  2. Select flavorful (tough) cuts of steak such as flank steak because the meat is normally simmered for some time before baking, and will have ample opportunity to tenderize.
  3. Consider the idea of flouring the meat and then tenderizing it with a steak hammer, this should hold the flour to the meat while browning, preventing it from burning. This will help in the development of a thick and flavorful gravy.
  4. It is usually a good idea to brown meat in small batches and to add the onion after the meat is brown; onion is very easy to overcook, and browning takes severe heat.
  5. The pickiest recipes require browning and then cooking the beef in stock before baking. Anyonoe who finds leftover meat dishes better on reheating will definitely want to do this.
  6. Some recipes will substitute a long bake time for the boiling part, this might produce a slightly more toothsome product. Sometimes this is preferred. Recipes that just brown the meat and then bake it may be flavorful, but they might not be tender enough.
  7. Possible flavorings include mushrooms, thyme, celery seed, bay, tomato paste, gravy mix, and mustard. I have seen garlic suggested, but even as a garlic lover, I cannot imagine garlic in the mix. The idea of this pie is for it to be full of gentle browned meat flavor and gravy without distractions. Thyme is almost always required or else mustard.
  8. None of the recipes reviewed had red wine as an ingredient. Or soy sauce. Either of these might enhance the flavor. Another idea would be some gentle curries. Coriander and cumin can be added to the flour mixture, and other curry ingredients at the simmering stage.


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