Chard & Kale

When I think of food, leafy green vegetables are always the last thing I think about. And when I think about leafy greens, the vegetables that come to mind last are Chard and Kale. That's too bad because leafy green vegetables are extremely good sources of a number of vital nutrients. Vitamins A&C are typically found. So are iron and vitamin K. There's plenty of fiber and not too many calories. And come to think of it, cooked well chard is really tasty.

The most obvious way to eat chard is treat it as you might spinach. This would mean serving it with eggs and cheese in omelets and fritatas or blanching it quickly and serving with bacon, tomatoes and a vinaigrette in a salad. One might make a kind of kale pesto, mixing it with walnuts or pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Hundreds of meaty soups scream for a bit of dark green leafy matter; chard and kale are ideally suited for the task.

Here are some strategies for treating chard and kale effectively in recipes.

Chard and Kale Recipes


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